• Le Marrakchi

  • Low key Le Marrakchi can be reached by way of dark, incensed stairs that lead up to two separate floors and is a lovely restaurant in Marrakech. The top is the most popular, since it offers superior views across the square - that is, if you get there early enough to get one of the few seats close to the main window. The restaurant itself is distinctly Moroccan, and while not as chic as many other spots around, the atmosphere and décor are in harmony with the timeless traditions of the square below. Tables are strewn with rose petals, there's dimmed lighting, and oriental dancers make this a venue suited to group conviviality or quiet intimacy. The menu isn't sophisticated but offers above-average traditional dishes - pastillas, tajines, couscous - as well as a few pasta and pizza options, and is very reasonably priced. You can dine on fixed-price options or go à la carte. Another bonus: it's the only place on the square where you can get alcohol.
    • Food: 7, Service: 7, Atmosphere: 8
    • MAD 300

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