• Diamant Noir

    Night Club
  • Every place has its institutional nightspot and Marrakech has the "Black Diamond". It's not a dive exactly, but it doesn't meet the often ice-cool standards (décor wise) of the usual upscale clubs in Marrakech. In fact it's a no-frills nightclub of the kind found across the globe, but Diamant Noir can drum up a pretty decent atmosphere, especially at weekends. You can feel the slightly jaded aura of the place as you walk through the less-than-glamorous entrance and into the two-tiered discothèque. The top-floor bar, where 'ladies' often gather to preen and perch on the barstools, has comfortable seating perfect for chatting, canoodling or is spying on the mirrored dancefloor below. Downstairs is where the party's at. Grab a drink and join in the fun with a vibrant mix of students and an upbeat gay crowd.
    • Hotel Marrakech, Place de la Liberté, Avenue Mohammed V
    • +212 5 24 43 43 51
    • 11pm-4am daily

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