• Amandine

  • If it's clean, safe, cake-based fun you're after, look no further than this great patisserie Amandine in central Marrakech. A light, bright patisserie/salon de thé/gelateria, it comprises two sections. The part to the right of the entrance at Amandine - polished and shiny - offers tasty cakes, sweets and ice creams, and has an endearing collection of tiny toy giraffes behind the counter. You can chew on a peach melba or a dane blanche, or grab a pain au chocolat or toast fromage. Slightly more relaxed (especially for smokers) is the café proper next door, which has stools and seating, more decoration, a spot of music, and a congenial atmosphere. It has the same range of food and drink options, and there's an upstairs gallery to complement the main room.

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  • Amandine


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